Above image (by Adrian Bustamante): The Festival Chicano crew working out details backstage in order present the best show possible at the "36th Annual Festival Chicano".



The Spanish-speaking Mestizo populations of the Americas that are crossing the Rio Grande every day are following a path that has been traveled from time immemorial. No river or wall will stop the people. Culture will keep the people alive, just as it has throughout the ages. The language, the music, the art, the food, the religion, and everything that makes up a people will grow stronger every day. Music is the most accessible and enduring part of a people's culture. The more oppressive things get for Mexicanos and Latinos, the more resilient the community will become. That has been our history. We are survivors and get stronger with every challenge and every adversity. This has always been our land and it will always be our land. Festival Chicano is a musical celebration that strives to preserve, promote, and protect our culture in the spirit of our ancestors for future generations.

Daniel Bustamante